Recording the American Guild of Organists National Convention

The American Guild of Organists (AGO) has selected AMP as the production team coordinating the audio recording at their 2012 National Convention in Nashville.  From June 30 through July 7, over 1700 church organists from around the world will be in Nashville for workshops, worship services, recitals and competitions featuring the pipe organ in its many settings.

Once again, AMP’s expertise in recording and logistics was instrumental (heh) in executing this job, as the week-long convention has simultaneous events in as many as four venues in a single day.  The schedule was created and tightly managed by AMP’s lead producers Sandy Tipping and Jared Ribble, and utilizes five two-man teams recording a grand total of 27 events at 14 different venues around the city.  At the end of the week, AMP will have recorded over 80 hours of some of the best organ music in the world.

AMP wishes the American Guild of Organists a successful convention!

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