AMP takes Jaimee Paul to New York City.

(cover photo by John Bruno)

So, where is your favorite place to eat in New York City? 

Under the management and direction of Krystal Ribble, AMP takes Jaimee Paul and her band to perform in New York City.  A beautiful setting, right along the river, Jaimee Paul mesmerized the crowd with her sultry vocals. 

The trip was smooth and easy with AMP managing the process.  I wouldn’t say we made a mistake, but knowing we were in the city, and post – show food would abound everywhere, we didn’t plan ahead for the best place to grab a bite to eat after the show.  With a hungry band, city traffic, and the hour getting late we realized we should have planned ahead.  That is why we pose the question, what is your favorite place to eat in the big apple?  Based upon the audience response that evening, I am sure we will be back soon.



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