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Bands and booking agents bang their head against the wall trying to get concert promoters to take their musical product seriously.  If this sounds like your situation, consider investigating opportunities to take your music to people who actually need to hear it.  Music has healing, inspirational, and soul lifting power.  This world is full of people who need this touch, which your music can give them.  As I continue to grow in performance, and musicianship, I am finding I prefer to give music to people who need it, rather than beg an audience to like it.

 I have played huge arena shows.  Yes, it is incredibly gratifying to stand off to the side, and watch as thousands stream into the building with excited anticipation for what they are about to experience.  I can also say I have also played countless shows where we as performers were hoping, praying and begging people to come experience our music.  I find this situation to be terribly self-centered.  Come see MY show.  Come support what I am doing.  Please enjoy MY music, and buy MY product so we can afford to continue to do what WE love to do.  For many bands, this isn’t working, but yet they continue to pound the pavement with this attitude.

Advantage Music Production made the mental, attitude and heart adjustment to take music to people who actually need the healing power of it.  Since this adjustment we have had little to no resistance to getting artists attention, and additional shows.  We began with children’s hospitals.  The kids need the music, and often times that is what they remember about their time in the hospital, not the pain they have endured.  The parents need the music also, if not more than the kids.  Even if it is just an hour, they need a break from their fear, and worry.  Every hospital that we have contacted so far has been excited to work with us, and have diligently and professionally worked with us to make these events wonderful for their people. 

Arena shows are great.  I absolutely love playing them, and I am certain I will get called to do more.  But there is tremendous gratification that comes with taking music to people who desperately need it. 

Other than Children’s Hospitals, where are some places you can think of that have people who actually need the healing power of music?  Comment below, and let us know what you think.  This is a new endeavour for us, and we would love your input.

 If you want more shows, consider taking your music to people who need healing.  It really is that simple.


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