Jazz vocalist, Tina Soloman records with AMP

The sultry jazz vocalist, Tina Soloman, chooses Advantage Music Production to record, mix and master her newest album release entitled “Take One-The Live Sessions”.   The goal of this recording was to have Tina and her band be recorded by AMP, all together in the studio at one time, many of them in the same room.  Tina wanted to get keeper takes as a band, including vocals.  No one was afforded the opportunity to fix mistakes, therefore, they had to get it right as a band.  Anyone that has recorded, understands the  difficult task Tina was taking on, not only for the performers, but production staff as well.  Add to the pressure of getting it right in one pass, she shot a video for each song. 

Because of AMP’s expertise, and unique recording space designed for multiple musicians to make music together, Tina was able to get her project completed to the exacting standards her vocal talent requires.  Don’t just take our own word for it, this is what Tina had to say about her experience with AMP:

“Recording at Advantage Music Production was an amazing experience.  The staff at AMP was easy to work with, efficient with time management and only enhanced the ideas we brought to them.  From the moment you enter the space, the well-appointed decor puts you in a creative mood.   There’s attention to detail at every turn.  Our goal as a band was to capture our live performance in a most natural way.  Engineer, Jared Ribble, understood how to achieve the organic vibe we were looking for.  The finished product is filled with all the emotion of an authentic musical journey in real-time.  We could not be more pleased with our recording.  They have our highest recommendation!”  ~ Tina Soloman

Follow Tina through her website:  www.TinaSolomanMusic.com

Tina’s instrumentation for this recording was Lead Vocals, Piano, Upright Bass, Drums, and Sax.  Wanting to give her recording  a “live sessions” feel, she chose to have her vocal and upright bass set up near the piano.  We then put the drums in the adjacent “big booth” with great sight lines to the piano room.  The sax was recorded in the small booth, with sight lines into the control room, and big booth.  Everyone could see other players, and communicate effectively both visually and musically.

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