Jaimee Paul uses AMP to turn ONE show into THREE.

Was it an experiment, or was it just something good to do?  I suppose it was a little bit of both, and most importantly, IT WORKED!

Music artists that work with Advantage Music Production (AMP) are constantly looking for more shows.  AMP is a music production company that records musical acts, but also helps them manage their live events.  On occasion,  AMP will help an artist get booked, but we aren’t the right organization to sit on the phone and cold call thousands of venues and concert promoters.  Instead of sitting on a phone getting told “no” 9.9 out of 10 times, we would rather simply create a show for the band.  Taking this idea another step further, rather than begging people to attend a show that they could care less about, AMP seeks opportunities to take music to the people who actually need to hear it. (See  “How to Get More Shows” for an in-depth look at this idea)  AMP put its words into actions with the powerhouse jazz vocalist, Jaimee Paul.

Jaimee had a concert booked at a performing arts center near Charlotte, NC on a Saturday.  Capitalizing on Jaimee’s heart for the community, and bringing joy to others through music, on Friday AMP set up a concert for her at the Charlotte children’s hospital.  Partnering with a local church, and daycare to help sponsor the hospital concert, Jaimee and her band played a quiet, yet entertaining set in the lobby of the hospital.  Able children came down from their rooms to see the band up close, while others watched on close circuit tv in their rooms.  But, this concert at the hospital couldn’t have happened without the support of the church, and a local daycare.  The church and daycare put together gift bags of coloring books, small toys, and various assundry items for the visitors of the hospital.  The church took up a love offering to help support Jaimee to continue this type of work in other communities. On Sunday, Jaimee and her band performed 3 songs in the church as a way to say thanks for the support, and show them how their church was impacting lives in their community.

To recap all the good that happened:
1. Jaimee had a show booked on a Saturday which led to a show on Friday at the children’s hospital, and a performance on Sunday for the church-turning one show into three.  All good for Jaimee, but…
2.  this weekend of shows brought lots of joy to hurting families, and emotionally drained hospital workers
3.  opened doors for the local church to continue serving the people in the hospital after Jaimee was gone
4.  opened doors for the local daycare to continue serving those in the hospital
5.  seniors at a local retirement community got involved by putting the gift bags together
6.  Jaimee’s song selection for the Sunday church performance brought healing to the hurting in attendance, and helped encourage those who weren’t hurting to lend a helping hand to those around them that are.

I must say our experiment of taking music to those in need had a long trail of lasting effect, even after Jaimee left the stage.  Here AMP’s challenge for you:  How can you help take music to people who need it most?


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