Three Songs for $85

So, you are on a shoestring budget, but need to get some material recorded to showcase your vocal talent, or songwriting abilities.  All you need is a high quality recording of you and your instrument so you can show people what you’ve got.  Advantage Music Production can help you.  For a limited time, as part of our “Getting Started” series, AMP is offering 3 hours of recording studio time for only $85.00.  Bring your accompanying instrument (guitar, or use our piano) and we will record up to 3 songs, and by the end of the session, you will walk away with material ready to give out to all your listed Allies!

Contact Us NOW! Only a limited amount of space available.

Use this recording to:
1.  Get more co-writing meetings
2.  Get booked for “writers in the round” performances, as well as open mic nights, and cafe appearances
3.  Showcase your songwriting for potential publishing deals
4.  Showcase your voice, so others know where to place you in their performance productions, or recording productions.
The FINE print that we don’t disguise:

-Up to 3 hours, or 3 songs.  During those 3 hours we allot time for mixing and light editing.
-You are welcome to go longer than the 3 hours allotted time.  However, we will have to bill you our normal rate of $60/hour for any time used over 3 hours. But don’t worry, we are excellent at being efficient with time.
-One instrument accompaniment.  You can accompany yourself, or bring someone with you.  We can’t supply the musicians this time.
-You are welcome to use our grand piano, but a fresh tuning specific for your session is not included in this discounted rate.
-Limited time offer

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