Getting started? Step 1: List Your Allies

A music teacher and songwriter friend of mine was recently telling me about some so-called music producers in her home town that were preying on unsuspecting music students, creating poor quality records, and over charging for their services.  Of course, their services also came with a lot of promises of help, and stardom that fell unrealized.  My friend was disgusted.  I was sad, and prompted  to write a series of AMP’s suggestions on how to get started (but not taken) in the music industry.

Let’s get in to the nuts and bolts of getting started properly:  List Your Allies

Becoming successful in the music industry can feel like war – lots of battles lost, but in time, there will be lots of battles won.  When one goes into war, the chances of winning increase exponentially when you go in with allies.  Allies are the ones that will go into the battles with you, are on your side pushing against the opposition, helping you win.  Get started right by writing down a list of your allies.

Your allies are people who you trust.  They support you, and want your passions to lead to success.  For young people, this might be your parents, friends, or music teacher.  For adults, the list might include a spouse, friends, co-workers, and business acquaintances.  Your ally list is different from a traditional contact list.  I have seen people with a cell phone full of VIP type contacts that have nothing to show for it.  Narrow down your contact list to a strong Ally List.

Next, inform your allies of your pursuit to achieve a career in music, and discover if they would be willing to help if called upon.  This might be financial help, emotional support, advice, and sharing their contacts.  Complete this process and I guarantee you will be amazed at the trustworthy help you discover is around you.  You might have an uncle that plays in a basketball league with a local radio DJ that can get you a meeting with the music director at the station.  Your mom might be in a Sunday school class with a newspaper writer that can do a review of your music.  You don’t know who is around you that can help until you list out, and talk to your allies.

Make sure to include Advantage Music Production on your Ally list.  We are here to help.  AMP is fortunate to have been on teams that helped build from the ground up award-winning bands, and bestselling artists.  We were with them early on in the recording studio, and experienced the hardships of the road with them.  That is the kind of record producer that you want on your team – not empty promises from someone who shows up at your door with a microphone.

Step 2:  Create a Venue List

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