Recording Studio Rental – $1500 for a whole Month!

You have recorded some demos, and maybe a couple EP’s, but now your band is ready to release a fully finished, retail ready recording product, that is a newsworthy event.  (see the difference between an EP vs. LP)  If you are a band that dreams of recording their album as one unit of musicians making music together, creating a cohesive sounding final product – read on.

There are many styles of music where a cohesive “band sound” is the goal, and too many bands are content to allow recording limitations to get in the way of making a great product.  Usually a lack of finances forces a band that would otherwise record together as one unit into a position of finding studio space that is not able to accommodate all the instruments, recorded in isolation.  Some bands, trying to save money, buy a laptop and some mics and throw some carpet on the walls of their garage, and set out to produce their own recording project.  In both instances, the goal to save money, resulted in an inferior product that was pieced together, lacking in emotion.  The band may have saved money in the short-term, but their mediocre product cost them a lot more money in lost sales, and disinterested fans.  Do not allow mediocrity to get a foothold in your band’s identity!  

Advantage Music Production is passionate about finding solutions for bands that want to create a great sounding product, and know that their sound comes from the energy of the band recording at the same time.  Our solution is to offer our facility for rental on a monthly basis, for steep discounted rates of $1500/month.  This rate is far less than renting a standard studio by the day (usually $400-$1000/day).  The facility comes fully equipped with everything you need to record.  When you are ready to record, bring your own engineer, or use one of ours.*  Your band now has an affordable solution to record together as a band in a studio that was designed for musicians to play together as one unit.  The end result will be a recording that is cohesive, full of the energy only your “band sound” can create.

If someone gets sick, or the band isn’t feeling it that day?  No problem, because you have the studio for the entire month – affordably.  Is your band’s working style to rehearse for a couple of days and then record?  Then you come back and listen with fresh ears after a couple of days and want to make changes?  No problem, because you have the studio set up to record for the entire month.  All of this – affordably.

If you are a band that is dreaming of recording music together as a cohesive unit, renting this space for a month is an easy decision.  Contact us now, for availability

The FINE print we are not trying to hide:

-Rental fee includes the recording space, and equipment.
-Instrument tracking hours are between 9am – 10pm.  Vocal tracking, track editing, and mixing can be done 24 hours a day.  So, if you are a band that likes to come into the studio at 9pm to begin getting drum sounds this wouldn’t be an ideal situation for you.
-AMP is would be happy to engineer your recording project.  Normal industry standard engineer rates would apply.


  1. Tejohn anax July 5, 2015 7:50 pm 

    Where is this facility located?

  2. Ray Thomas July 27, 2015 7:52 pm 

    Looking to invest in the music industry

  3. Desmond August 10, 2015 3:07 pm 

    Hey I’m interesed in renting out the place. My name is Desmond and my contact number is 313-675-4356.

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