Getting Started? Step 2: Create a Venue List

Your friends give you positive feedback on the songs you’ve been writing, and you must have some vocal talent because you keep getting the lead solo in the choir program.  The time has come to share your gift with the world, but the webcam video you posted last night on YouTube is not going to cut it.  Where does one begin, and how does one avoid getting lied to, and ripped off?

In part one, we suggest to first list your Allies.  Your allies are people you trust, and will help lead you into situations that are safe.

To go from amateur webcam videos to the “big stage” is possible, but with a lot of tiny baby steps over many years.  After you list your allies, the next step is to pinpoint the type of places you would like to be performing.  Your goal might be Carnegie Hall, but understand to get there you will probably have to play at a lot of local and regional establishments first.  So let’s start there.

List all the places in your area that host performers in your style, and name it your “Venue List”.  Take that Venue List to each person on your Ally List, and discover if any of them have connections that can get you a short introduction meeting with the person that books the talent for that establishment.

DO NOT use this introductory meeting to sell yourself to perform there.  Instead, use it to gather information as to their process in determining who they book to perform on their stage.  They might use audience response at their open mic night to determine who gets the prime spot on their stage.  You might discover all they need is a recording with you singing accompanied by just your guitar or piano.  You could also discover that the establishment makes their decision based upon a professional looking video, or the amount of radio play a band is currently receiving, or the amount of audience they will bring in that night.

Now that you know what it takes to get booked at each venue on your list, you can prioritize your energies appropriately.  You are just getting started, and don’t have a professional video, radio airplay, or 200 fans, so those venues are out…for now.  Focus your efforts on the venues that had minimal requirements.  If there is an open mic, sign up.  If they needed a recording of you singing with minimal accompaniment, Advantage Music Production has a very economical solution for you.  If the venue wants a professional finished EP or LP, and you have the financial means get it recorded, go for it.  Just make sure you don’t over pay, or under pay to have the recording produced.  We will talk about that next time.  Until then, get your Venue List together, and remember that Advantage Music Production is one of your Allies. Give us a call, and we can get you pointed in the right direction.

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