Ali Techentin records 3 songs…wait let’s do one more!

Ali Techentin, a 16-year-old living in the Nashville, TN area is no stranger to the stage.  At a young age Ali was on tour singing background vocals for the Grammy nominated, and Dove Award winning Gospel artist, Nicole C. Mullen.  This humble teenager however, isn’t content with just being a dynamic vocalist.  Wanting to expand her musicianship, Ali found John Martin Keith at Edenbrooke Music to help increase her performance skills on guitar, and grow as a songwriter.

With the guidance of Edenbrooke, Ali was ready to record 3 songs she had composed for guitar and vocal.  This is a perfect fit for AMP’s $85 deal, so Ali came over to the studio with John Martin Keith to get a solid recording of these 3 songs.  When the room heard the first note from Ali through the microphone, everyone in the studio looked at each other with wide eyes and simply said, “wow.”  We knew this was going to be a fun recording session, and a fun session it was.  Everyone wanted to get in on the action.  John Martin Keith grabbed his guitar, adding his personal touch to the recording.  Engineering this session was AMP’s very own Jared Ribble, and he couldn’t help but get in on the fun adding some percussion to the dynamic tracks.

After pouring her heart out on 3 songs, you would think the young artist would be exhausted.  We all were having so much fun that Ali decided we couldn’t end with 3 songs…”Let’s do one more!”  In one take of beautiful artistry, Ali soared, and the fourth song was captured.  Sometimes you just have to do one more.

“We enjoyed working with you and we love the mix on the tracks!”  – Debbie Techentin (Ali’s mother) – Nashville, TN


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