Experience a little bit of “Superhuman”

Several years ago Advantage Music Production had the pleasure to record some material composed by Atlanta-based songwriter, and music educator, Dana Lamb.  A wonderful friendship has grown out of those early recording sessions, and when one of her 16-year-old students was ready to record, Dana called and introduced us to the extraordinary Jackie Gray.

Jackie had previous recording experience, but the producers in the Atlanta area typically piece together recording projects with synthetic beats and sounds, and Dana felt this production style wouldn’t be the right fit for Jackie’s recording titled “Superhuman”.  Dana needed to send Jackie to a production team that was trustworthy, and could combine a youthful modern pop vibe, with the sound of real live instruments playing the tracks.  Dana had experienced how efficient AMP pulls together a song using real musicians, and she knew that this experience would translate well to Jackie’s recording project.

A superb athlete and excellent student, Jackie feels deeply and uses songwriting as her outlet to express a wide range of emotions as she has experienced joy and sorrow beyond that of a typical youth.  Rather than emotional whiplash, the running theme through each song will be clear to the listener, and will inspire both the young and old to persevere through the tough times, and fully enjoy the good times.

Thank you, Jackie, for allowing us to experience and record your tremendous talents.  You gave it your all, and we are super proud of you.  You might just be “Superhuman”.

Are you wondering if Advantage Music Production is the right fit to help you complete your next recording project?  Here is what Jackie’s mom wanted to tell you about their experience…

“We went with AMP on the strong recommendation of Dana Lamb.  She said we needed to have radio ready masters.  With all the amazing talent in the Nashville area; she felt AMP would be a great fit for Jackie.  It was an amazing experience.  Jared, Sandy, and all the musicians were fabulous and very tender-hearted.  They greatly encouraged Jackie and were genuine in their enthusiasm in her work.”

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