Curt Gibbs having fun in a creative environment.

Advantage Music Production often calls upon Curt Gibbs to engineer many of our sessions at the 745 Studio.  As if it isn’t enough to be an engineer that captures great sounds, Curt is a talented producer.  Add to the mix that he is an accomplished guitarist and has an upbeat humble demeanor, he is the type of guy that Advantage Music Production enjoys being associated.

Curt, and his production partner, Blake Easter, are a sought after production duo because they care first and foremost about the artist’s/band’s songs.  Prior to spending costly studio time, they go through each song in detail with the performers, making sure the song is the best it can be.  When it comes time to record, everyone is freed up to have fun, in a creative environment, that brings out the best in everyone. It is this type of attitude, and attention to detail, that have landed their productions in the top 20 on  Rock radio charts, and a Dove Award on Curt’s shelf.

Philadelphia, a worship/pop/rock band from Memphis Tennessee, needed Curt and Blake to produce their latest recordings. Al Bettis, the acoustic/R&B artist from Detroit, MI wanted in on the action as well.

We are honored that Curt and Blake chose to record here, at the 745 Studio.  When we asked Curt why he chose 745 Studio, Curt told us this:

“The first is that the studio has great sounding rooms.  The drum room, piano room, and acoustic booth all have their own sound, and I like being able to utilize that when recording different instruments.

The second reason is that there are several great drum options.  Recording a live drummer is usually the reason I need to get to a bigger studio, and since the studio is owned by a great drummer [Jared Ribble], I know anything we would need is going to be there.  There are different drum kits and several options for snares and percussion.  Recording drums is much easier when you have a great sounding kit, in a great sounding room.  At 745 Studio that is always the case.

Another big thing for me is the ability to bring in my laptop and just plug it in to the studio. This way I can continue to work how I am most comfortable on my computer but with all the advantages of a big studio.

Last but not least I love the character and feel of the grand piano.  It always surprises me, and has played a big role in the last couple of songs we have recorded there.  I think recording music should be fun and this studio is a fun place!”

Making great music is important.  Creating great music, with great people is even better.  Advantage Music Production prides itself in associating with great people.  With Curt Gibbs on our team, it doesn’t get much better.

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