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Gaining new fans is expensive and time consuming, usually requiring a new album, a marketing strategy, and a new tour.  Because of the intense cost to gain a new fan, it is critical to keep them engaged after you have them.  Shouting on Twitter and Facebook that you have a show in Peoria, IL is great, but the fan in Denver, CO could care less.  Announcing the band is back in the studio creates initial excitement, but because of the time required to produce an album, fans lose interest.  Bands keep fans by giving them more of what created the fan in the first place…your music!

I would love to sell you a production agreement with our company to produce your next record giving your fans new music.  Yes.  Let’s do that.  Until then, let’s get the fans excited by regularly giving them a live performance of that music.  Today’s web casting technology has been made so simple, you can be connecting with your fans in Denver and Peoria at the same time.  Get back to giving your fans what they fell in love with in the first place – YOU… performing the music they love.

Advantage Music Production, in conjunction with 745 Studios, is doing what we can to help artists by web casting live “acoustic style” music performances from the recording studio, allowing the artists a way to stay in touch with their fans on a regular basis. At the same time, we will be asking the artist to “plug” a predetermined meaningful cause (fundraisers, non-profits, etc.), and placing information about the cause on the webcast page. It is quite simple, really. You as a music artist stay in touch with your fans, and a great cause is supported. The best part of all this we are doing this at no cost to the artist, and no cost to the fans.

Our first two webcasts with the songwriter Tyler Huston raised $650 for an adoption. We will continue to test different time slots, and days, but this was an exceptional start, and we invite to you to be a part of our webcast series.  CONTACT US to sign up for a time.

Interested, but have more questions? Check out the FAQ’s below:

Q. What does this cost me as an artist, or my fans?
A. Nothing

Q. Why should I webcast at your studio? Can’t I just do the same thing in my living room?
A. Of course you can do the same thing in your living room. If you are reading this, however, you probably aren’t, but need to be.  Since we are already set up, and it sounds good, sign up for a time. It doesn’t cost you anything.

Q. May I sign up for more than one time slot if it is available?
A.  We would prefer that you keep to just one performance slot/per day, allowing as many artists to take advantage of the opportunity as possible.  However, part of what makes this successful for you as an artist is consistency.  Signing up for several weeks in a row is encouraged.

Q. What instrumentation can I bring?
A. Due to the fast turnaround between artists, we need to keep the instrumentation to “acoustic” using either the studio’s grand piano, or acoustic guitar accompaniment that you provide. We prefer not to have more than 2 people (singer & accompanist), up to 3 people max.

Q. What is the duration of my webcast?
A. We ask that you keep the performance time of your webcast to 15 min.  Remember, this is just to keep your fans engaged by giving them a free taste of what is to come (new record, or tour).

Q. What is the quality of the webcast?
A. Hey, this isn’t a TV show, shot on a TV sound stage. It is meant to feel a bit “campy” and personal. There is not a host; no live band for bumpers with multiple cameras. Currently we are only using one camera (one of the reasons we keep performers to a minimum). The webcast is done in a real recording studio environment, so it sounds great, and is far better than sitting in front of a laptop with your guitar.

Q. What web casting platform are you using?
A. After a lot of trial and investigation, we chose Google Hangout. This allows the webcast to be advertisement free, allowing us more freedom to advertise the non-profit. In addition, it allows for fans to tune in faster than most other platforms by simply clicking on a webpage, and hitting play.

Q. Are you willing to webcast through StageIt?
A. Yes, but not as a part of this no-cost program. This would be a special event that we would set up for you, at a different time, and studio rates would apply.

Q. Can I bring friends/fans to be a live audience?
A. Certainly. We need to know in advance, and would appreciate no more than 6-8 people. There is limited seating, so they will most likely be standing for your 15min performance.

Q. Where do I tell my fans to watch the webcast?
A. The primary viewing location for the webcast is on AMP’s website: Because we are using Google as our platform, the webcast simultaneously is broadcast on YouTube. We ask you not to point people to YouTube because the “non-profit/charity/fundraising” info is not shown there.

Q. Can I embed the player code into my artist website?
A. Yes, but not as a part of this no-cost program. This would be a special event that we would set up for you, at a different time, and certain studio rates would apply. After the webcast has gone “off-air” however, you will be able to get the YouTube link and embed the code to your website.

Q. Can I get a copy of the audio recording?
A. Absolutely. There will be a nominal fee of $75 for the audio recording emailed to you.

Q. Can I “plug” my own upcoming tour dates, and other products for sale?
A. We encourage you to do so. From our webcast page, we will add a link to your website. Please, however, don’t forget to mention the non-profit we are supporting that week.

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