Everyone needs a little “Downtime”

Mike Rubin is a former EMT, turned businessman & executive record producer.  Rubin wanted to put together a collection of original recordings that he could use to inspire those who are on the front lines saving the lives of those who find themselves in traumatic situations.  Using the recording production team put together by Advantage Music Production, Mike created Downtime, an original collection of poignant and energetic pop tunes with street themes, and is dedicated to paramedics and EMT’s everywhere.

“It was really interesting diving in and learning the in’s and out’s of an EMT professional – how they think, the roller coaster of emotions, the struggles and the excitement of their career,” explains Jared Ribble, one of the co-producers on the recording project.  “How can you produce music that is said to inspire these EMT professionals, if you don’t understand them?”

Rubin poured over thousands of songs, and narrowed them down to 10 that he felt best fit the various emotions and situations that an EMT professional experiences.  He then worked with the songwriters to adjust lyrics making sure to stay true to the theme of the recording project.  These songs were brought to Advantage Music Production where lead producer, Sandy Tipping, worked on the arrangements of each song, always keeping the main goal of the project in mind.  Studio charts were created, and some of Nashville’s best musicians were brought into the studio to record these songs.  AMP, then mixed the project, and had it mastered, and ready to go to duplication.

“I’m a businessman, not a musician,” says Rubin.  “To produce Downtime, I needed someone who knew the ins and outs of the music industry – someone who’d understand my concept, get excited about a novel product, look for ways to make it better, take care of all the technical details, and deliver it on time. That’s what AMP did for me.  The musicians were first-rate, the arrangements nailed the theme of the album, and the mixes brought it all to life. I can’t wait to work with Sandy and Jared on the next one.”

While Downtime was produced with EMT themes in mind, someone not related to that profession will still appreciate the songs, and find inspiration through the music.  This record is definitely worth a listen.  Buy it now HERE.


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