Mixing a rock album, recorded in a church: Amp’s up for the challenge

If you have ever been to a Medicine King show, you are well aware of their unique styling of rock band, fused with intense improvisational jams, and pointed vocals. Now, take their sonic energy, put them in a former church turned recording studio, hit the record button, and let the band rip. And the band sure did.

The recording process was simple. The band set up as they would at any other stage performance. The studio engineer mic’d up the instruments, and the band played live as they would during a concert. Medicine King can do this because first and foremost, they are fantastic musicians. They did do a pass of overdubs for “color” such as hand claps, laughter, and various percussion. There was no isolation of individual instruments which poses a big challenge for the best of mix engineers.  AMP was up for the challenge.

The tracks were sent to AMP with obvious bleed from other instruments, and a lot of natural reverb from the space in which they recorded. With a little cleaning, and polishing, this recording shined up really nicely. AMP did not do any fancy tricks other than a little creative doubling of the guitars, and vocals in certain spots. The band wanted to capture the energy of their live performance, and I think the result speaks for itself.

Their first single from this record, “Homegrown Medicinals” quickly gained adds on indie rock stations all over the world.

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