Our Process

Time, money, and creativity are lost when the production is slowed down by lack of a clear process.  We have come up with an efficient way to maximize the artist’s creative vision, and execute musical creativity.  The process includes bench marks when payments are due so the client never experiences paying for services not completed.

STEP 1:  Pre-Production
Consultation: the artists goals and vision for their sound is defined
Budgeting: discussed and made clear.
Arranging Sessions:  each song is dissected, and maximized to achieve artist’s goals
Studio Charts: professional session musicians, require professional session charts
Studio Contracting:  get on the calendar of the appropriate recording studio
Musician Contracting:  make sure that the right musicians are hired to achieve artist’s sonic goals

STEP 2:  Recording
Instrument Tracking:  to maximize time, and sound quality we try to have most musicians record at the same time
Lead Vocal Tracking:  we carve out specific time to only focus on what the audience hears first – YOU

STEP 3:  Post Production
Track Editing:  any instrument (including vocals) that needs it, will be pocketed and tuned
Mixing: each song will have their individual instrument tracks mixed
Mix Revisions:  the artist listens for several days and determines if there are any changes necessary
Mastering:  create a final compiled version of each song put together for a complete, cohesive album.

STEP 4:  Archiving
Track Exporting:  retrieve all of their recording project for future use with ease.  No more calling some “out of business” producer who may, or may not, still have your recording saved on his computer.

Our recording process is systematic, always pointing back to the artist’s vision for their sound.  It is not the only process of producing a recording, but adhering to these steps we can assure our best service to the artist.  We respect bands that may want to get in a studio, vibe, and spontaneously create.  We recommend to these bands that they check out our studio partner 745 Recording Studio where they give great long-term rental rates fostering an environment for this type of creativity.  One of AMP’s producers can be hired by the hour to help guide and focus the band when needed.

Isn’t it time to give your music the Advantage?

FAQ:  What if I only want to use AMP for part of their process?