Recording Services

While AMP is qualified to manage your entire recording process, you may need our services for a specific part of your recording project.  Each of the listed services can be purchased from AMP “ale carte” and  correspond with our complete recording process.

Arranging Services:  make every aspect of your song  ready to maximize and showcase your talents
Musician Contracting:  we hire them all the time, and know what musicians are best suited for your sound
Recording/Engineering services:  let us get the right sound recorded for your project
Track Editing:  vocal tuning and instrument pocketing are a must to be a commercially accepted product
Mixing:  A professional mix brings out the most of your recording
Mastering:  Bring it all together and get it ready for the public to hear

Additional Services:
Artist Consultation:  put our team’s experience in marketing, concert performance, and record to use
Music Charts:  good charts are a must if you are hiring a band to perform live on stage with you
Song Book:  some artists like to have a song book of their music to sell at their concerts or on their website

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