The Advantage

Advantage #1:  We have a step-by-step proven process that coordinates the artist’s creativity.

Advantage #2:  The artist stays in control of their creative sound.  Our service oriented team members put your goals for the music at priority level #1.  We aren’t trying to win awards,but in serving your goals, not ours, we win them.

Advantage #3:  Fostering a creative environment for the artist to thrive, AMP handles the technical and administrative details required to capture your musical creativity on a recording.

Advantage #4:  Our pricing structure is fair and upfront, never leaving the artist guessing what they are paying for.

Advantage #5:  We are not a “one guy in a basement” that claims he can produce anything, rather we have specific producers that focus their attention to the specific sound of your artistry.   From hard rock to classical, AMP puts together a team of professionals specific to your project, that are experienced in that style of music.

 Advantage #6:  We are here to produce your record, but because our team has had extensive experience in live concerts performance, television performance award shows, and music promotion, it would be silly not to ask for some tips on how to further your career as a musician/artist.

 Advantage #7:  Based in Nashville, TN, we have access to, and knowledge of the vast Nashville music business network.  Entertainment attorneys, managers, touring production companies, rental facilities, etc. are at our finger tips.

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