“Great job with the mastering guys!” – Pete Roze – New Orleans, LA

“Jared Ribble’s mixes are awesome.  Everyone should be so lucky to have that dude put his touch on a project! – Medicine King – Nashville, TN  

“Sandy has the keenest and sharpest ears of anyone I have ever been around. His piano playing is not only technical, but incredibly brilliant.”
-Jaimee Paul – Green Hill Music vocal artist, At Last #1 iTunes Jazz

“I use 7.4.5 Studios because I can walk in with my laptop, seamlessly interface with the studio’s equipment, and know that I am going to get great drum and piano sounds.” – Curt Gibbs, Dove Award winning audio engineer and producer.

“We enjoyed working with you and we love the mix on the tracks.”  – Debbie Techentin -Nashville, TN

“Penn Pennington who is an amazing producer made an awesome selection in choosing you and your studio for my music project.  It was relaxed and so very professional…I felt totally at home and delighted with your talent and the wonderful way we all interacted. You will be my #1 choice from now on!! – Kris Rogge- Singer,  Houston, TX

“Music that meaningfully touches others is definitely a team effort and everyone did absolutely great. Thanks for the positive experience and bringing together such a strong team of second to none musicians. The session on Friday was a creative delight.” – Katie Miner – Singer & Songwriter, Nashville, TN

“I can’t tell you how much of a blessing recording with you has been. I am really looking forward to finishing this disc now.” – Scott Troyer – Singer/Songwriter

“You and your musicians down there are unbelievable people and I feel fortunate having met you and being able to spend time with you. It was truly an experience that will never be forgotten.”
Bob Boeger – founder of the Bob Boeger Band, Wausau, WI

“I had a great time. It was really laid back, and I can’t wait to do more.”
Michelle Rodgers – Singer & Songwriter, Nashville, TN

“Wow! This is great…We picture you [Jared Ribble] and Sandy [Tipping] sitting in Nashville listening to our material laughing saying we are about to blow this little Mississippi couples mind!! Well it worked. By the way how did yall pull out of our imagination and make the sound we have been looking for?”
Greg Flurry – founder of the band Orphan Soul, Pascagoula, MS

“If you are looking to further your musical dreams, or simply record a small demo, Advantage Music Production will absolutely capture the exact sound and musicality for your next project. Trust the masters when it comes to your treasured songs: trust Advantage.”
Keith L. Cooper – recording artist, Passion2Worship, Keith L. Cooper Music, Dallas, TX/Nashville, TN

“I am overwhelmed having just finished listening to the recording AMP sent. I have never heard anything of mine professionally produced or even played by such awesome musicians, and I am a bit…well, overwhelmed. I don’t know how else to say it.” -Jeff Bohanon – recording artist

“I am proud to offer my endorsement of Advantage Music Production (AMP). The sound of my recording speaks volumes about what you are able to accomplish with the right technology and people committed to quality. Further the entire ensemble cares passionately about the end product. They treat their artists like individuals and are sensitive to their unique talents. The work quality, the integrity and the diligence with which AMP takes on a project is unparalleled in my opinion with any previous recording experience I have had to date. I’ve been cutting CD’s since the early 90’s.”
-Mary C. Catterton – Waters of Life Ministry

“We have used Sandy Tipping to produce several of our projects. His musicianship is without question, and he kept the recording process organized which resulted in our projects being completed on time. The albums Sandy did for us have been our top sellers in retail stores and on iTunes.”
-Reid Ribble – president of Reel Loud Records

“Sandy has produced several of our projects. Being that we are a big band, we needed a producer that has incredible attention to detail, organized, and a musical understanding in all styles of music.”
-Denver Bierman – founder & lead singer for Denver & the Mile High Orchestra